Energy transition and the financial sector: Secretariat hosts workshop on green finance in the Energy Community

30 April 2021

The Secretariat yesterday hosted a first workshop on Green Finance in the Energy Community. During the event, representatives of central and private banks, from the European Union and the Contracting Parties, finance, energy and environment ministries and project developers active in the region had a lively exchange on how to unlock green energy financing opportunities in the Energy Community.

Opening the workshop, Deputy Director Buschle underlined: “Decarbonizing the energy sectors and improving the environmental situation requires more than watchdogs. The sustainable finance initiatives developed in the European Union are key for delivering the Green Deal. They are highly relevant for the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community, where the potential is high and capital markets underdeveloped. We will engage further in encouraging the private sector to support green projects, and share knowledge and experience with all relevant stakeholders.”