Contracting Parties’ gas supply costs hit record low levels but still higher than EU average

26 April 2021

According to a preliminary assessment of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the Energy Community Secretariat, published today, average gas supply sourcing costs decreased by more than 4 EUR/MWh year on year in 2020 in the majority of the analyzed countries, demonstrating the benefits of market integration.

The assessment revealed that only Ukraine, who progressed with gas market reforms, is reaping the benefits through more correlated gas prices with EU hubs.  Due to limited upstream supply competition and lack of market liberalization gas prices were still higher in the majority of the Contracting Parties than in the EU.

Detailed assessment of gas wholesale markets, including for the first time the gas sector’s contribution to the decarbonisation agenda, will be published in July 2021.