Secretariat launches public consultation on improving fuel quality in the Energy Community

8 July 2020

The Fuel Quality Directive aims to ensure a high level of environmental and health protection in relation to fuels used in transport by reducing pollution and emissions from the sector. While its importance for sustainable economic development is clear, the Directive’s core provisions are not yet fully applied in the Energy Community Contracting Parties.

In 2018, the Energy Community Ministerial Council tasked the Contracting Parties, the Secretariat and the European Commission to identify the core elements and respective provisions of the Fuel Quality Directive suitable for incorporation in the Energy Community and the necessary adaptations. In response to this call, the Secretariat published today an overview of the status quo of fuel quality in the Contracting Parties, including an assessment of the gaps between applicable national legislation and the Fuel Quality Directive. Based on these findings, the document outlines which core elements of the Directive the Secretariat considers important for adoption at the Energy Community level.  

To ensure that all views are considered in the design of future legislation, the Secretariat opened a public consultation to give all interested stakeholders the opportunity to share their views and experiences in the field of fuel quality. 

Stakeholders are invited to submit their comments via the online questionnaire by 9 August 2020 COB (CET). For more information and to access the questionnaire, please follow the link below.