Energy Community Webinar: Energy storage can facilitate the energy transition

19 May 2020

Today, the Energy Community Secretariat hosted a virtual webinar to share knowledge on a key component of the future energy system – energy storage. Energy storage solutions can help to address the significant challenges the Contracting Parties are facing in the energy transition. This includes the replacement of fossil fuel plants by enabling a high penetration of energy from renewable sources and helping to decarbonise end-use sectors, such as industry, buildings and transport, while ensuring security of energy supply.

Four panellists with experience in the Contracting Parties and beyond gave insights into the various aspects of storage from technologies to their range of system services, costs and regulatory treatment. It was underlined that even today there was a strong business case for investing into energy storage in the Energy Community. Several projects are being developed including Cebren hydro pumped storage in North Macedonia and a combination of photo voltaic panels and batteries by Ukrhydroenergo in Ukraine.

The panellists explained the regulatory framework underpinning these projects, including contract for differences, power purchase agreements, etc. While the authorities should facilitate the entry of energy storage, it was stressed that all mechanisms should be market-based and implemented in full compliance with State aid rules.