Energy Community Secretariat joins initiative to combat gas sector methane emissions

23 April 2020

On 22 April 2020, the Energy Community Secretariat joined the Methane Guiding Principles, a global initiative aiming at reducing methane emissions across the natural gas value chain, as a Supporting Organisation.

Following the Clean Energy Package in the European Union which foresees the adoption of strategies for methane leakage prevention, the Secretariat began establishing a database of methane emissions in the gas sector. This will be followed by a set of recommended actions on how to curb methane leakage in the Energy Community across the natural gas value chain (from producers, transmission, storage and distribution operators to final customers).

Establishing a close relationship with the Methane Guiding Principles will provide the Energy Community with ample opportunities to share knowledge on methane leakage and its prevention. We will also be able to project the voices of our stakeholders globally”, Director Kopač, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Energy Community Secretariat, explained. "The Energy Community will thus contribute to increasing the credibility of the gas industry, making it more robust in terms of combating climate change,” he added.