Secretariat congratulates Georgia on moving electricity sector reforms forward during times of crisis

20 April 2020

Following its adoption of the Third Energy Package compliant Energy Law at the end of last year, Georgia continues to implement electricity by-laws according to the set timetable despite the difficulties associated with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Having established a national energy exchange earlier, the Government of Georgia adopted the Electricity Market Model Concept on 16 April 2020.

The electricity market design, developed in close cooperation with the Secretariat, envisages the gradual establishment of both bilateral and organised electricity markets in the country, as well as measures to be taken during the transitional period until full market opening.

Deputy Director Buschle said: "We sincerely congratulate Georgia's energy team of ministry’s, regulator’s and undertakings’ representatives  for putting in such a substantial effort in preparing the Electricity Market Design Concept on time in spite of today's difficult circumstances. This is undoubtedly a key milestone for the development of Georgia's electricity market".

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