Secretariat launches e-forum for gas distribution system experts

8 April 2020

Since 2016, the Energy Community Coordination Platform for distribution system operators for gas (ECDSO-G) convenes twice per year.  Following requests for more regular communication and to deepen the level of discussion during 2019, the Secretariat launched today a web-based interactive discussion forum. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion, experience sharing, exchange of views and kick-start new initiatives among experts interested in distribution system operation. 

The Forum aims to tackle pertinent topics such as unbundling, measurement and network losses, tariffs, network optimisation, gas quality and acceptance of renewable gases in the future. However, given the timing of the forum’s launch, the first discussion will be devoted to measures related to Covid-19.

The discussion forum is open to members of the ECDSO-G Coordination Platform only. If you are eligible, please contact Mr. Nenad Šijaković (  or Mrs Karolina Čegir ( to receive login information and access rights.