Debriefing of embassies and international organisations on the Ukrainian renewables dispute

Renewable energy
6 March 2020

Yesterday, Deputy Director Dirk Buschle, in his capacity as mediator of a dispute between investors in renewable energy (wind and solar) and the Ministry responsible for energy and environment of Ukraine, debriefed the embassies and international organizations based in Kyiv on the state of negotiations between the parties.

The process aims at finding an agreement based on mutual commitments which would help to maintain the liquidity of the renewables offtaker in Ukraine, the Guaranteed Buyer, and avoid unilateral retroactive changes. The Guaranteed Buyer faces liquidity problems on account of an imminent unprecedented surge in the production from wind and solar plants. The mediations started in January 2020. After the recent changes in the Ukrainian government, the parties are now expected to update their previous proposals, with a view to reach an agreement soon.

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