Secretariat welcomes adoption of Serbian NERP

30 January 2020

At its session held on 30 January 2020, the Government of Serbia adopted the country’s National Emission Reduction Plan. The Secretariat welcomes the plan’s adoption as an important step in reducing emissions into the air from large combustion plants, which comes as a follow-up to Energy Community dispute settlement Case ECS-1/20.

Janez Kopač, Director of the Secretariat said: “Air pollution is clearly one of the biggest environmental problems in Serbia. The reduction of pollutants from large combustion plants is therefore an essential – albeit in itself not sufficient – measure to protect the health of citizens as well as the environment.”

Legal certainty is essential when it comes to the implementation of Energy Community environmental law. With the adoption of the NERP, such legal certainty is now provided. We are looking forward to working together with our Serbian partners on the implementation of the plan,“ added Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director and Legal Counsel of the Secretariat.

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