Electricity transmission system operators of Montenegro and Italy launch public consultation on harmonized rules and choice of allocation platform for undersea cable between Italy and Montenegro

1 July 2019

Ahead of the expected entry into operation of the new electricity interconnection between Montenegro and Italy, the two countries’ electricity transmission system operators, CGES and TERNA, launched today a public consultation on the rules to be applied for the allocation of transmission rights on this border.

The consultation covers the following rules:

  • the Forward Allocation Rules (FAR) which include the regulation of Long Term Transmission Rights (yearly and monthly timeframes); and
  • the Daily Allocation Rules (DAR) which include the regulation of Daily Transmission Rights.

The consultation also addresses the choice of the platform that shall manage the allocation of cross-border capacities at the border between Italy and Montenegro in the future. Stakeholders are explicitly invited to express their views during the open consultation period on whether this task should be performed by the Joint Auction Office, JAO, or the Coordinated Auction Office South East Europe, SEE CAO.

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments by no later than 31 July 2019 to both IT-MNrules@terna.it and IT-MNrules@cges.me.

In Scope:

  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Italy Italy