ECRB-MEDREG workshop highlights importance of regulatory cooperation for stimulating renewables uptake


19 June 2019

On 18 June in Tirana, regulatory authorities of the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) and Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) discussed the development of a regionally coherent approach to renewable energy market regulation in the Mediterranean and Energy Community regions. They called on International Financial Institutions to support the development of net metering. A large array of stakeholders engaged in the discussions, including the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), regulators, consultants and distribution system operators.

The key role of energy regulators in empowering consumers and creating an investment conducive climate for renewable energy such as renewables auction mechanisms was in focus. The role of auctions in supporting price decreases spurring a competitive environment was also widely discussed. Regulators also shared their insights on how net metering could serve as an enabling policy to stimulate private investment in renewable energy.