Energy Community prepares for joint energy and climate planning

7 June 2019

The paper “Consolidation of climate planning processes in the Energy Community Contracting Parties”, published today, provides the Contracting Parties with a concise and simple guidance on how they could consolidate their multiple climate change and energy planning processes and international obligations into one single process, ensuring efficiency and alignment. Prepared by NewClimate Institute, the paper gives a thorough overview of the various planning processes that are ongoing in the Contracting Parties, investigating the opportunities for aligning the timing of outputs and consolidating them into one single planning process.

The Energy Community Secretariat and its Contracting Parties provided technical input and feedback to NewClimate Institute during the elaboration process of the document. The paper was prepared in the frame of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Energy Community Secretariat and GIZ to support the Contracting Parties in the development of their National Energy and Climate Plans.