2019 Athens Forum addresses multidimensional challenge of the energy transition

29 May 2019

This year’s Athens Electricity Forum shed light on some of the most pressing challenges currently shaping electricity markets in Europe. Participants agreed that the complex transition driven by the need to accommodate distributed generation and rapid technological advancements can best be tackled by working together. The two-day event tackled topics such as market coupling, capacity markets and challenges of a transformation of electricity sector driven by decarbonisation efforts. Postponement of complete market liberalisation detrimentally affects readiness of the Contracting Parties to follow new EU policy. The Forum examined the reasons for the slow development of day ahead markets in the Energy Community Contracting Parties and obstacles in the integration process with EU Member States. Coal subsidies and their distortive impact on the development of the energy markets were in the spotlight.

Cybersecurity also featured high on the agenda. Cyber experts and members of the ECDSO-E outlined their views on how best to ensure secure energy system operation.

The Forum finally highlighted that sharing a certain set of common minimum legal rules also with interconnected non-Energy Community countries would be beneficial and encouraged the Secretariat to further promote closer cooperation with Mediterranean countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan.