North Macedonia becomes first Contracting Party to conduct a competitive tender for selection of universal service supplier

28 February 2019

In line with the new Energy Law transposing the Third Energy Package, North Macedonia has launched a procedure to select the country’s universal electricity supplier and supplier of last resort for a period of five years. A consortium of EVN Macedonia and EVN supply won the competitive tender by offering the lowest supply margin compared to other bidders. This is the first such competitive tender procedure in the Energy Community.

Under the Third Energy Package, all household customers and, if necessary, small enterprises are guaranteed the right to ‘universal supply’, i.e. to be supplied with electricity of a specified quality at reasonable, easily and clearly comparable, transparent and non-discriminatory prices. To ensure universal supply, the Contracting Parties may appoint a supplier of last resort, in order to replace a failed supplier and protect inactive customers or those with payment difficulties.

The Government of North Macedonia is expected to conclude the procedure in the coming weeks. The prices that will apply to the universal supplier/supplier of last resort will be set by the country’s Energy Regulatory Commission.

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