Secretariat launches training for Contracting Party national judges

25 November 2019

National judges of the Contracting Parties are barely informed about the existence of the Energy Community and are not used to applying Energy Community law. However, the relevance of Energy Community law for national court judges of the Contracting Parties is increasingly growing. In order to boost their awareness and knowledge of EU / Energy Community law in the areas of energy, environment and beyond, the Secretariat held today the first training of national judges in North Macedonia. The training gathered judges from primary courts, appellate courts, the administrative court as well as the constitutional court. In the future, the Secretariat may conduct trainings in other Contracting Parties as well.

The first regional meeting of representatives from national training institutions for Contracting Party judges took place back-to-back. The meeting identified possibilities for cooperation between national judges and the Secretariat as well as concrete training needs. Both events were organized in cooperation with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors of North Macedonia.

Both events took place under Article 2 of the Energy Community Dispute Settlement Procedures, which provides for a cooperation mechanism between national judges and the Secretariat by which national judges can ask the Secretariat for assistance regarding questions of interpretation or application of Energy Community law.

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