Secretariat invites interested parties to send observations on the exemption decision for the Gastrans natural gas pipeline project

24 October 2018

The Serbian energy regulatory authority (AERS) in its decision of 1 October 2018 granted an exemption to Gastrans d.o.o. for its natural gas pipeline project from the obligation of third party access rules, regulated tariffs and ownership unbundling. The pipeline is planned to span from the Bulgarian-Serbian border to the Serbian-Hungarian border including exit points to the Serbian system. AERS submitted its exemption decision to the Secretariat, which is currently preparing an Opinion on the decision.

The unofficial English translation of the decision of AERS is accessible here

The Secretariat invites interested parties to send any observations they may have on the subject until 9 November 2018. Interested parties are invited to send their contributions via email to the following address: