Secretariat submits comments to the European Commission regarding Transgaz’ proposed anti-trust commitments

18 October 2018

In June 2017, the European Commission opened proceedings against Transgaz, the manager and operator of the national gas transmission network in Romania, for potential breach of EU competition rules as regards the flow of natural gas from Romania to other Member States, in particular Hungary and Bulgaria (Case AT.40335 – Romanian gas interconnectors). In September 2018, Transgaz offered commitments pursuant to Article 9 of Regulation (EC) No 1/2003 to meet the competition concerns raised by the Commission. The commitments concern an increase of export capacities at the interconnection points with Hungary and Bulgaria, non-discrimination between export and domestic tariffs, and generally any other anti-competitive conduct. In order to test whether these commitments effectively remove the competitive concerns, the European Commission invited interested parties to submit their observations on the proposed commitments of Transgaz.

In its submission, the Secretariat supports the commitments proposed by Transgaz. The Secretariat recommends to extend the commitments regarding capacities and tariffs also to the Contracting Parties, in particular to Ukraine and Moldova.

In Scope:

  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Moldova Moldova
  • European Union European Union