Energy Community Regulatory School unveils new set of training courses

3 October 2018

The Energy Community Secretariat launched the third edition of its Regulatory School training programme. Courses in the second half of 2018 will focus on energy market trading and functional unbundling. As a novelty, the programme also includes a special training edition for Ukraine that will focus on transparency and is organised in cooperation with USAID and DIXI Group.

The positive response to our previous Regulatory School courses is an encouragement for continuing this initiative. Knowledge building is a constant need for national energy regulatory authorities, in particular having in mind the high complexity and broad expertise required for pro-active and effective regulation of energy markets. The Regulatory School targets providing tailor-made knowledge building for the needs of the Contracting Parties’ regulators”, Director Kopač underlined.

The Energy Community Regulatory School was launched in 2017 and aims at supporting the technical knowledge of the Energy Community Contracting Parties’ national energy regulatory authorities to effectively implement and efficiently apply the Energy Community acquis communautaire. Beyond the mere legal aspects, the Energy Community Regulatory School is dedicated to delivering practical insights and share experience made at EU level.