2018 Gas Forum puts focus on maximizing consumer benefits, discusses future of gas transit

20 September 2018

Taking place in Ljubljana today, the 13th Energy Community Gas Forum discussed the future of natural gas in the European energy mix as well as pathways to make the internal gas market deliver the highest possible social benefit to consumers. The main implications of the Clean Energy Package for the Energy Community Contracting Parties were outlined. 
The Forum supported alignment of the legislative framework of the European Union and the Energy Community, including through Energy Community Treaty amendments, in order to fully reap the benefits of the Clean Energy Package for consumers. The participants welcomed the implementation of the first set of gas network codes in the Energy Community and invited all stakeholders to take early action to implement a second set of network codes, namely on capacity allocation management and tariff methodologies.
The Forum underlined Ukraine’s central role in natural gas transit to Contracting Parties and European Member States. In particular, the participants agreed that stakeholders’ trust in a fully independent and functional transmission system operator is crucial for the undisputed  transit of natural gas through Ukraine in the post-2019 period. 
Today, we had a very open debate about the future of gas transit through Ukraine,” explained Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Kopač. “We believe that Ukraine can continue to be a strong transit partner but it must complete the unbundling process and comply with accountability, transparency and reliability principles,’’ Mr Kopač added.