WB6 regional electricity market integration continues in Vienna

5 July 2018

On 2-4 July, the Energy Community Secretariat held a series of meetings focused on regional day-ahead market coupling, cross-border balancing and coordinated capacity. The WB6 stakeholders continued activities to put in place the necessary legal, institutional and technical prerequisites to advance the creation of a regional electricity market in the Western Balkans.

The week kicked-off with the 3rd meeting on the implementation of the regional day-ahead market. Bringing together the transmission system operators, national regulatory authorities and power exchanges of the WB6 and several EU neighbouring countries, the meeting focused on issues of regional significance in the context of the ongoing projects for coupling in the Western Balkans and with neighbouring EU Member States. To ensure the projects’ smooth implementation, participants emphasized the need to align the framework agreement for market coupling with the one implemented at EU level. They also agreed on a number of follow up activities to ensure the prerequisites to enable coupling between the WB6 and EU Member States are fulfilled.

The subsequent 3rd meeting on the implementation of cross-border balancing in the Western Balkans focused on presenting the models for imbalance netting cooperation and exchange of balancing energy from a manual frequency restoration reserve and replacement reserves. An online simulation platform for imbalance netting cooperation among the transmission system operators, presented at the meeting using real life data, showed a tremendous potential for cost savings. An online platform for the exchange of balancing energy from a manual frequency restoration reserve and replacement reserves, based on the presented model, will be presented at the next meeting.

Finally, the third day was reserved for the 2nd workshop on the coordinated cross-border capacity calculation project, where a draft methodology for coordinated capacity calculation in the WB6 region and surrounding markets and coordinated processes of the transmission system operators were presented. The implementation of this methodology in the region is expected to increase the level of cross-border capacity made available on the day-ahead market.

Additional results and deliverables of the three regional projects will be presented during the next set of meetings scheduled for September 2018.

The meetings are part of the “Technical Assistance to Connectivity in the Western Balkans - Component 2: Regional Energy Market”, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat.

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