Secretariat issues guidance on preparation of National Energy and Climate Plans in the Energy Community

19 June 2018

The Secretariat has published Policy Guidelines aimed at assisting the Contracting Parties in the process of developing integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). The NECPs provide a streamlined framework for the Contracting Parties to plan their climate and energy objectives, targets and policies in an integrated manner. The adoption of the NECPs follows a non-binging Recommendation adopted by the Energy Community Ministerial Council in December 2017. As noted in the Recommendation, the preparation of the NECPs should start already in 2018.

The NECPs Guidelines, elaborated by the Secretariat in close cooperation with the European Commission, were discussed during the Energy and Climate Committee on March 21 and incorporate comments and inputs from the Contracting Parties. They outline the key steps of the gradual process from now until the finalisation of the national plans, including the main roles and tasks of the Contracting Parties, the Energy Community Secretariat and the European Commission.