Secretariat launches new platform to improve donor coordination and information sharing in the Energy Community

17 May 2018

Today, the Secretariat launched the Energy Community Donor Coordination Platform. It is the first online platform to feature the key donor programmes across all the Energy Community Contracting Parties and observer countries. The main purpose of the platform, which covers all sectors included in the Energy Community Treaty, is to ensure better donor coordination and information sharing.

Since its early days, the Energy Community Contracting Parties and observer countries have benefitted from extensive assistance from donors and international financial organizations, be it for legal framework development, regulatory capacity building or infrastructure project implementation. With new pieces of Energy Community legislation and widening geographical scope, the complexity of the donor assistance landscape has increased significantly. The first meeting of financial institutions and donors “Working Together – Achieving More”, hosted by the Secretariat on 27 March, confirmed the need to improve transparency, coordination and cooperation among donors.

By providing the key programme information via a simple and easy-to-use search system, the Energy Community Donor Coordination Platform allows donors to avoid duplication and overlaps, thus maximizing synergies and the overall benefits of the country beneficiaries. To keep the platform as up to date as possible, International Financial Institutions and donors are invited to submit information about new projects and programmes.