WB6 Sustainability Report marks progress but calls for increased political support

13 April 2018

The Secretariat’s WB6 report on sustainability finds that progress in a number of measures has been achieved by governments, although more political support is needed to make full use of existing programmes, accelerate the clean energy transition and deliver on the region’s climate commitments. The 3rd Energy Efficiency Action Plans have now been adopted by all the WB6 and progress was achieved also in transposing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. On support schemes for renewables, there is an ongoing discussion in many Contracting Parties on how to shift from feed-in tariff to a more competitive, market-based bidding process along with an increasing consideration for the future role of independent power producers and community energy.

All Contracting Parties that are signatories have now ratified the Paris Agreement and a process of closer collaboration on climate issues between the Western Balkan six and the Energy Community has started through the Energy and Climate Committee (former Climate Action Group), paving the way for the development of National Energy and Climate Plans and coordination on a number of key items of the Paris Agreement work programme.

At the same time, catching-up is required in other areas and existing measures of the Sustainability Charter should be revised to reflect upcoming priorities, most notably, the preparatory steps needed to integrate energy and climate plans and the establishment of overall 2030 targets for renewables, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

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