Energy Community legislative observatory is launched!

11 April 2018

Today, the Secretariat officially launched its observatory of national secondary legislation adopted by the Energy Community Contracting Parties to transpose and implement the Energy Community acquis.

The online tool displays the key obligations required by Energy Community directives and regulations, the corresponding reference to the national legal act transposing that key provision and also points to cases of non-compliance if the provision is not in line with the acquis. The tool also lists the national bodies responsible for drafting and adopting the relevant legal act.

The new tool will increase transparency and provide investors, international financial organizations, civil society and other stakeholders more detailed information about the state of compliance in each Contracting Party.

The legislative observatory will be continuously updated and improved. It presently covers electricity and gas (for those Contracting Parties that have transposed the Third Energy Package), renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment, statistics and oil. It will gradually be expanded to cover all areas covered by the Energy Community Treaty.