Energy Community steps up cooperation with Mediterranean countries

26 February 2018

The Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) and Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MedReg) agreed to step up cooperation at a recent meeting hosted by the Energy Community Secretariat. The meeting was attended by the national regulators of the Energy Community Contracting Parties as well as the MedReg regulatory members of Jordan, Malta, Spain, Italy, Palestine and Lebanon. Cooperation between ECRB and MedReg is well established since 2014 and reflects the need to align the legal framework for interconnected markets not least because of the overlapping membership between the two organizations.

Energy is a highly interconnected sector that requires us to look beyond mere institutional boundaries”, Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director and Legal Counsel of the Energy Community Secretariat underlined in his welcome address. “Energy infrastructure investments already span across the EU, Energy Community and Mediterranean countries and will increasingly do so. Investors very rightly demand us to align the legal framework of these interconnected markets. The Energy Community has proven to be the right format for aligning the Contracting Parties’ energy markets with EU policy – we look forward to further tightening our cooperation with the Mediterranean countries along these lines”, he concluded.

Following a series of joint high-level roundtable discussions launched in 2014, ECRB and MedReg for the first time agreed to prepare a common report on customer protection and, specifically, customer complaint handling, dispute settlement and customer awareness. The report is expected to be published by end of 2018. The regulatory bodies will hold joint preparatory meetings as well as a customer workshop in cooperation with the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) in June this year.