2017 Western Balkan 6 Summit: Energy Community Treaty as basis for further integration of WB6 and neighbouring EU Member State electricity markets

13 July 2017

The 2017 Western Balkan 6 Summit took place yesterday in Trieste, Italy. Heads of government, ministers responsible for energy, economy and foreign affairs of the Western Balkans together with their counterparts from several EU Member States and high-level representatives discussed key issues under the connectivity agenda, including energy.

In the declaration issued following the summit, the leaders envisage the WB6 Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Electricity Market Development and the Treaty establishing the Energy Community (Title III) as the basis for the cooperation between WB6 and neighbouring EU Member States. 

Under Title III of the Treaty, the Energy Community may take measures to create a single energy market. This title covers all of the nine Energy Community Contracting Parties – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine – and eight neighbouring EU Member States – Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

For the next WB6 Summit in London, the Secretariat will prepare a set of Measures under Title III, including on electricity trade and licensing.

In Scope:

  • Albania Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • North Macedonia North Macedonia
  • Kosovo Kosovo
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Serbia Serbia
  • European Union European Union

WB6 Trieste Summit

Trieste, 12 June 2017