Ukraine adopts Energy Performance of Buildings and Metering Laws

Energy efficiency
23 June 2017

Yesterday, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Energy Performance of Buildings and Metering Laws. This is a major step towards bringing to an end Ukraine’s notorious status of being one of the most energy inefficient countries worldwide.

The Metering Law transposes certain provisions of the Energy Efficiency Directive and introduces an obligation to measure the consumption of hot and cold water supply and, most importantly, heat supply. Metering on apartment-level will finally be obligatory. 

The Energy Performance of Buildings Law introduces an obligation to certify the energy performance of new multi-apartment buildings and buildings whose owners seek state aid for their renovation. Unfortunately, the law neglects an obligation to certify apartments that are sold or rented and an obligation to regularly inspect bigger heating and air conditioning facilities. The law, which was until now three times rejected by parliament, should have been adopted already in 2012 following the Energy Community Treaty. 

The Secretariat, which has assisted the Ukrainian authorities to design and adopt the laws for several years, will carefully review the laws’ compliance following their officially publication. The adoption of the two laws was a condition for the disbursement of additional EU macro-financial assistance to Ukraine.

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