Electricity procurement in Moldova: international observers inquire about Moldova’s return to electricity produced in Transnistria

7 June 2017

Yesterday, the Group of Observers composed of Deputy Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Project Manager responsible for energy issues in the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova and EU High-Level Advisor on Energy to the Moldovan Ministry of Economy sent a joint letter in their personal capacity as observers to the Moldovan Minister of Economy and asked for urgent clarifications on the electricity supply situation in the Republic of Moldova.

At the end of March, Energocom, a state-owned trading company, won a procurement procedure organised by the Moldovan supply companies. The procurement procedure had been monitored by a Group of Observers, of which representatives of the Energy Community Secretariat, the EU Delegation to Moldova and the EU High-Level Advisor on Energy Policy were part. The procurement procedure was governed by Guidelines developed by the Energy Community Secretariat and approved by the Ministry of Economy. Energocom won the tender on the basis of a contract with DTEK from Ukraine. A report on the procurement procedure can be accessed via the link below. 

Immediately after the joint letter was sent out to the Ministry, press reports confirmed that Energocom concluded a contract with the Cuciurgan power plant (MGRES) in Transnistria covering 70% of the country’s demand. MGRES had been a competitor in the tender procedure and lost during price negotiations.

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