Implementation indicators 

  • Annual statistics

    Annual statistics

    The five annual questionnaires for 2018 and the questionnaire on final energy consumption of households were submitted.

  • Monthly statistics

    Monthly statistics

    Monthly coal, electricity and natural gas data are compiled and transmitted to EUROSTAT. Monthly oil data are not transmitted. Short-term monthly data are not reported yet.

  • Price statistics

    Price statistics

    Price statistics for electricity and natural gas are transmitted but are not broken down per price component.

State of compliance

By starting to transmit monthly data to EUROSTAT, Ukraine has improved its implementation status with respect to the statistics acquis.

The State Statistical Service of Ukraine (SSSU) is the central statistical institution responsible for production of energy statistics.

Annual questionnaires for 2018 were transmitted timely to EUROSTAT and published in the respective databases. Preliminary annual data for 2019 were also transmitted timely and published. The breakdown of energy consumption of households per final use, which was missing before, is now reported as required by the acquis covering the period from 2016 onwards. The quality report on annual statistics is transmitted to EUROSTAT in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1099/2008.

SSSU compiles monthly energy statistics and ensures their timely dissemination. Monthly coal, natural gas and electricity data are transmitted to EUROSTAT. Monthly oil statistics are also compiled and available in the JODI database. SSSU collects information on oil stocks, but it is not publicly available. Monthly oil data are still not transmitted to EUROSTAT, due to concerns over the confidentiality of oil stocks data.

Average gas and electricity prices charged to industrial customers and households, disaggregated per taxation level, are compiled and transmitted to EUROSTAT. Components of electricity and natural gas prices charged to end-users are not reported yet, and hence Ukraine has still not achieved full compliance with the acquis on electricity and gas prices. SSSU methodologies include reporting of disaggregated prices charged to end-users. Implementation depends on the regulatory regime and unbundling of network operators.

Recalling that most monthly data are already published on the SSSU website, it is expected that all remaining monthly questionnaires will be transmitted to EUROSTAT, including oil stocks pursuant to obligations from the acquis on oil. The breakdown of electricity and natural gas prices into components and their annual reporting have to be implemented without delay.