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1 February 2011
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Latest developments in security of supply Date
Ukraine first to submit its 2017 Gas Security of Supply Statement to the Secretariat. The report focuses on technical conditions of the transmission and storage system and Ukraine’s effort aim at improving them. June 2017
Ministry submitted its 2015 Security of Supply Statement to the Secretariat. October 2015


Latest developments in electricity Date
NEURC approves Transmission Network Development Plan (10-year) for the Ukrainian TSO and adopts a new Procedure for allocation of transmission capacity at cross-border lines, including standard contract for access to the capacity as well as new Rules on congestion management on cross-border lines, including procedure for allocation of congestion revenues April 2020

NEURC approves the preliminary certification decision on Ukrenergo.

October 2019
The single buyer model of the wholesale electricity market was replaced with a market model based on bilateral, day-ahead and intraday markets, as well as a balancing market and a market of ancillary services where participants can trade electricity freely. July 2019
With CMU Resolution No 324, the Cabinet of Ministers decides on the establishment of state enterprises “Market Operator” and “Guaranteed Buyer". April 2019
To meet requirements of ownership unbundling, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine transferred Ukrenergo to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, separating it from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry which controls state-owned generation companies Energoatom (NPPs), Ukrhydroenergo (HPPs), Centrenergo (TPPs). February 2019
The Government appointed the state-owned company Ukrinterenergo as supplier of last resort for the period from 1 January 2019 till 1 January 2021. December 2018
NEURC approved the connection fee methodology for the transmission system and distribution systems. December 2018


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
The procedure for maintaining EPBD databases and registries (of exerts and reports of inspections of technical building systems and EP certificates), is incorporated into the Order of the Unified state electronic construction system operation February 2021
Ukraine adopted the package of technical regulations for energy labelling of energy-related products, incl. solid fuel boilers, space heaters, ventilation units and professional refrigerators. November 2020
The Secretariat received the fourth Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive from the Ukrainian authorities. September 2020
The third Annual Report under Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency was submitted to the Energy Community Secretariat.  November 2019
Pursuant to the draft EEAP, the overall energy efficiency target in line with the Energy Efficiency Directive for 2020 was adopted by the Government. August 2019
Ukraine submits its second Annual Report  under the Energy Efficiency Directive to the Secretariat. November 2018


Latest developments in gas Date
With its Opinion 04/2019, Secretariat confirms that the newly established gas TSO, GTSO, is unbundled in line with the requirements from European law. December 2019
The Government of Ukraine adopted a new Resolution, which changed the existing ownership unbundling model defined on 1 July 2016 to an independent system operator. The new Resolution may unlock the long pending unbundling process and foster needed market reforms. September 2019
Commercial balancing of network users on a daily basis was introduced, following a resolved dispute between NEURC and Uktransgaz on implementing amendments to the transmission network code which was pending since December 2017. March 2019
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopts new Resolutions on Regulation on Imposition of Public Service Obligations on Subjects of the Natural Gas Market. October 2018


Latest development in environment Date
Ukraine named eleven new Wetlands of International Importance (“Ramsar Sites”). It now has 50 sites in total, covering an area of over 800.000 hectares. September 2019
Amendments to the NERP were adopted to reflect the changes introduced by the new Electricity Market Law and to update the terms of implementation of the action plan for reducing the emissions from large combustion plants covered by the NERP.   July 2019
Ukraine fulfilled its reporting obligations on pollutants under the scope of the Large Combustion Plants Directive by submitting the relevant information to the European Environment Agency. June 2019
The Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) entered into force. October 2018
In Ukraine, the opt-out of a total of nineteen coal-fired thermal power plants started, meaning that they cannot be operated for more than 20,000 hours up until 31 December 2023. January 2018


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Ukraine submitted its Forth Progress Report on promotion and use of energy from renewable sources under Article 22 of the Renewable Energy Directive to the Secretariat. December 2020
Ukraine submitted the third progress report on the promotion of renewable energy 2016-2017, outlining the progress and the challenges of renewable energy development during the reporting period. January 2019
Ukraine began to consider the revision of the existing support schemes based on feed-in tariffs and introducing auctions to grant support. Amendments to the Electricity Market Law and Alternative Sources Law are registered in the Ukrainian Parliament for public consultation. August 2018

The amendments to the Law on Alternative Fuels, covering the main biofuels principles of (Articles 17 to 21) Directive 2009/28/EC were submitted to the Parliament. Their adoption is still pending.

May 2018
Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

Ukrainian Law on the National Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Commission entered into force.

November 2016 
Ukrainian Regulators Law passed the first reading, the second reading to follow. April 2016


Latest development in competition Date
According to the Law on State Aid for Business Entities, the prohibition of State aid entered into force. August 2017
The government approved an Order for Recovery of Illegal State Aid. July 2017


Latest developments in statistics Date
UKRSTAT took a decisive step towards the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/1952 with the dissemination of the first dataset with electricity and gas prices charged to households and industrial consumers in the first semester 2018. September 2018


Latest developments in climate Date
Ukrainian Parliament adopts the Law of Ukraine "On Regulation of Economic Activities with Ozone-Depleting Substances and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases" and Law of Ukraine “On Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of GHG emissions”. December 2019
Ukraine has set up a national working group to prepare the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs).  July 2019
Draft Law of Ukraine “On Ozone Depleting Substances and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gasses”, draft Law of Ukraine “On Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of GHG emissions” as well as the Strategy on Low Emission Development of Ukraine up to 2050 were adopted by the Parliament in first reading. February 2019

The Low Emission Development Strategy, was adopted, setting the indicative GHG emissions target at 31-34% by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels).

July 2018
Latest developments in oil Date

The draft Law on emergency oil stocks was drafted and sent to the Secretariat for compliance review.

October 2018

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