Regulatory authority

State of compliance

Amendments to the Energy Law gave new powers to the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS). The regulator made use of its newly gained responsibilities by issuing guidelines to national transmission operators for introducing gas and electricity Network Codes into the national grid codes. Their adoption by the Government of Serbia, upon proposal of the Ministry, as a formal step to transpose the gas and electricity Network Codes is still pending. The adoption of methodologies on prosumers and storage, issuance of new licenses and launch of public consultations on feed-in tariffs and co-generation testify to the regulator’s technical ability to deliver within short deadlines. In addition, the transposition of REMIT has been launched. At the same time, no progress has been made as regards enforcement of unbundling and certification of network operators or third party gas access. AERS also upholds regulated prices for households below market prices. This inertia and disregard of key requirements of the Third Energy Package is of constant concern, and contrasts with the high level of expert knowledge present in AERS.