Implementation indicators

  • National Competent Authority

    National Competent Authority

    The national competent authority was previously defined as an inter-ministerial working group on strategic energy projects but did not report any progress on Projects of Energy Community Interest or Projects of Mutual Interest to the Secretariat to date.

  • Manual of procedures

    Manual of procedures

    There is no manual of procedures published by the national competent authority for the permitting process of PECI/PMI projects.

  • National regulatory authority involvement

    National regulatory authority involvement

    The methodology and criteria to be used to evaluate investment in electricity and gas projects and the higher risks incurred by them has not been published to date.

State of compliance

Amendments to the Energy Law, adopted in April 2021, created the preconditions for transposition of Regulation (EU) 347/2013. They stipulate that the Government prescribes in more detail the conditions and manner of promoting strategic energy projects. Obligations of competent institutions in terms of monitoring the implementation of strategic energy projects are also defined, as well as the procedure for preparation and implementation of strategic investment projects in the field of energy identified as PECI and PMI projects. The amended Law also stipulates that the manual of procedures will be passed within six months from entry into force. The amended Law creates the legal basis for the development of the methodology for investment and risk assessment for strategic infrastructure projects in areas of electricity, natural gas and oil. The regulatory agency shall adopt the methodology and criteria to evaluate investments within six months from entry into force. Further progress in adopting Regulation (EU) 347/2013 is expected as soon as possible.

The full transposition of the Regulation would facilitate faster realisation of the electricity and gas infrastructure projects in Serbia like the Transbalkan corridor (PECI 2016, 2018, 2020) and the gas interconnectors Serbia - Bulgaria, Serbia – North Macedonia and Serbia – Croatia; Phase I.