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Implementation indicators, facts and figures, retail market opening

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Latest developments in electricity Date
Connection Network Codes were adapted by the system operators and approved by the regulator. August 2021
To complete the unbundling of the distribution system operator, Elektrodistribucija Srbije, was licenced by the regulator. April 2021
The Government adopts amendments to the Energy Law, which continues energy market reforms in Serbia. April 2021
The Government established the new distribution company Elektrodistribucija Srbije. January 2021


Latest developments in gas Date
The Ministry submitted to the Secretariat its 2021 Security of Supply Statement on electricity, gas and oil. December 2021
The transfer of ownership of the company Transportgas Srbija from Srbijagas to the Republic of Serbia took place. June 2021
The Government adopted an unbundling plan for Srbijagas and Yugorosgaz, the lack of which amount to long-standing breaches of Energy Community Law (Case ECS 09/13S). April 2021
AERS approved the ten-year network development plan (TYNDP) of Transportgas Srbija and gave consent to draft five network codes. December 2020


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
The fourth NEEAP was adopted with delay in August 2021 and published in the Official Gazette no 86/21. September 2021
The Secretariat receives Serbia's 5th Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive. July 2021
Serbia adopts the revised Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy, improving its compliance with the Energy Efficiency Directive. April 2021
Serbia submitted the Secretariat its fourth Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive. September 2020


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Serbia adopted a decree on self-consumption, enabling a net metering scheme for households or housing communities and a net billing scheme for all other self-consumers. August 2021
 Serbian Parliament ratifies a new Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources. May 2021
Serbia submitted its Forth Progress Report on promotion and use of energy from renewable sources under Article 22 of the Renewable Energy Directive to the Secretariat.  December 2020
Serbia submits the third progress report on the promotion of renewable energy 2016-2017, to the Secretariat. January 2019


Latest development in environment Date
The Programme for Nature Protection of Serbia with an action plan for 2021 - 2023 was adopted. May 2021
The new Rulebook on technical and other requirements for liquid fuels, which removes the exemption for the sulphur content of heavy fuel oil was adopted.. December 2020
At its session held on 30 January 2020, the Government of Serbia adopted the National Emission Reduction Plan.  January 2020
Serbia complies with its reporting obligations on pollutants under the scope of the Large Combustion Plants Directive by submitting the relevant information to the European Environment Agency. September 2019


Latest developments in competition Date
Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) adopted its first decision in the electricity sector, finding that the national electricity distribution system operator EPS Distribucija LLC Belgrade abused its dominant position as the sole operator on the market for electricity distribution. December 2016
CPC completed its sixth sector inquiry of the wholesale and retail petroleum product markets in Serbia. December 2015
Latest developments in oil Date
The Rulebook on Defining the Yearly Programme of Emergency Oil Stocks for 2021 was adopted. June 2021
An action plan for the establishment and maintenance of emergency stocks of crude oil and oil products was adopted by the Government. May 2021
The Rulebook on the Content and Manner of Implementation of the Annual Programme for Monitoring the Quality of Petroleum Products and Biofuels for 2021 was adopted. April 2021
Serbia's new Rulebook on technical and other requirements for liquid fuels of petroleum origin enters into force. December 2020
Decree on Defining the Programme of Measures when the Energy Security of Supply is Endangered – Emergency Response Plan (OJ RS No. 63/19) entered into force. September 2019


Latest developments in climate Date
The relevant technical NECP working groups were established and started operation. May
The National Assembly of Serbia adopted the Law on Climate Change, laying the foundation for the establishment of a system for limiting greenhouse gas emissions.  March 2021


Latest development in regulatory affairs Date
Energy regulator, AERS, takes over co-chairmanship of ACER’s Gas Regional Initiative SSE. January 2017
Latest developments in infrastructure Date
The Government adopted the Programme for the Implementation of the Energy Development Strategy by 2025 for the period 2017-2023 by which Regulation (EU) 347/2013, as adapted and adopted by the Ministerial Council, was transposed. October 2017