Renewable energy

State of compliance

There were negligible improvements in the transposition and implementation of the renewable energy acquis in the reporting period. Although the country overreached its sectorial target for the share of renewable energy in heating and cooling and almost reached its electricity target, the overall target of 23% of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption by 2020 is far from being achieved because of the insignificant share of renewable energy in the transport sector.

In line with the Government programme for financial support for the production of electricity from preferential producers using premiums for 2021, the maximum reference amount of the fixed premium for generation of electricity from solar PV was set at 15 EUR/MWh. The average feed in premium as a result of the last solar PV auction in 2020 was around 4 EUR/MWh for state-owned land and around 11 EUR/MWh for private land.

According to the Rulebook on Renewable Energy, the threshold for the net billing scheme is 4 kW for households and 20 kW for small consumers. So far, 42 self-consumers are registered under the currently applicable net billing scheme.

The priority for North Macedonia should be the transposition of provisions related to the sustainability of biofuels. Thresholds for administratively set feed-in tariffs (FiT) have to be aligned with the Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy. The country should also implement an electronic system for guarantees of origin and continue with the further implementation of existing legislation while promoting the use of renewable energy.