Implementation indicators

  • National Competent Authority

    National Competent Authority

    The Law on Strategic Investments, adopted on 16 January 2020, is currently undergoing a revision to properly transpose Regulation (EU) 347/2013. 

  • Manual of procedures

    Manual of procedures

    The manual of procedures has not been defined yet. 

  • National regulatory authority involvement

    National regulatory authority involvement

    The national regulatory authority did not publish the methodology and the relevant evaluation criteria for investments in electricity and gas infrastructure projects. 

State of compliance

In the last reporting period, the Ministry of Economy had prepared amendments to the Law on Strategic Investments to transpose Regulation (EU) 347/2013. The Government should act as the national competent authority, supported by the special Commission for strategic investment projects.

North Macedonia must proceed with the Regulation’s transposition immediately, followed by swift implementation. Transposition should facilitate the realization of PECI and PMI infrastructure projects. Beside the PECI 2018 project (line 400 kV Bitola – Elbasan), North Macedonia is developing important gas projects like interconnectors North Macedonia – Serbia, North Macedonia – Albania (PECI 2020) and North Macedonia – Greece (PMI 2020).