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1 July 2006
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Latest developments in electricity Date
Secretariat publishes its Opinion 3/19 on certification of MEPSO. June 2019
Regulatory Commission for Energy adopts Rules for allocation of interconnection capacities. November 2018
Regulatory Commission for Energy adopts Rules for purchase of electricity for network losses of DSO. October 2018
Regulatory Commission for Energy adopts Rules for supply of electricity, Electricity market rules and Rules for procurement of electricity by universal service provider. September 2018

The rules for certification of transmission system operators were adopted by the regulator.

August 2018
Government adopted a decision on the transfer of shares of the transmission system operator to the Ministry of Transport.   July 2018
The Memorandum of Understanding on electricity day-ahead market coupling between TSOs, national regulatory authorities and the power exchanges of Bulgaria and fYR of Macedonia envisages market coupling based on available transmission capacity and in compliance with requirements of multi-regional coupling (MRC) by mid-2019. April 2018
The transmission system operator (TSO) is procuring services of a regional security coordinator, including coordinated capacity calculation, from the Security Coordination Centre (SCC). March 2018
The regulator, ERC, decided to prolong exemption of regulated undertakings from balance responsibility until 1 January 2018. By this decision transmission system operator MEPSO, generation company ELEM, supply company and distribution company EVN Makedonija are exempted from obligation to bear the costs of their imbalances. June 2017
The compliance programme of newly established EVN Distribution (January 2017) was approved by the regulatory authority. March
The government adopted a decision on establishment of an organised electricity market in fYR of Macedonia and an action plan, according to which the power exchange will be operational by the end of 2018. March 2017


Latest developments in oil Date

Law on Compulsory Oil Reserves, which transposes Directive 2009/119/EC, entered into force, following its approval by Parliament.

October 2014 


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
FYR Macedonia submits the Secretariat its second Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive.  July 2018
Government of FYR Macedonia adopted 3rd Energy Efficiency Action Plan. July 2017
Directive 2010/30/EU and delegated acts were transposed with the adoption of the updated Rulebook on Labelling of Energy-Related Products. This includes all new labelling delegated regulations adopted by the Ministerial Council in 2014. September 2016

The draft third Energy Efficiency Action Plan was submitted to the Secretariat. 

July 2016


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Third Progress Report on promotion and use of energy from renewable energy source submitted to the Secretariat.  July 2019

Secretariat submitted amendments to the draft Energy Law introducing a support scheme for renewable energy in compliance with State aid guidelines.

August 2017
FYR of Macedonia amended its NREAP to take into account updated biomass data. April 2017

The second progress report on the promotion of renewable energy during 2014-2015 was submitted to the Secretariat.

February 2017

FYR of Macedonia submitted its National Renewable Action Plan to the Secretariat.

January 2016 


Latest development in environment Date
The Government of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia adopted the NERP, after having incorporated the Secretariat’s comments. April 2017
The Secretariat provides its assessment on National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP) , confirming that it was done in accordance with the applicable Energy Community legal framework. October 2016
FYR of Macedonia adopts fuel monitoring plan, case ECS-3/13 closed.
August 2016
FYR of Macedonia submitted a National Emission Reduction Plan to the Secretariat, covering all large combustion plants in the country. December 2015


Latest developments in Third Package Date
Energy Law was adopted by the Parliament of FYR of Macedonia. May 2018
The Secretariat drafted the Ministry an Energy Law compliant with the Third Package. August 2017
Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

Electricity TSO, MEPSO, for the first time participates in allocation of monthly transmission capacities by SEE CAO.

January 2017


Latest development in gas Date
Energy Regulatory Commission adopted Supply Rules for Natural Gas and Rulebook on granting status of Closed Distribution System for Natural Gas and Combined Operator for Transmission and Distribution of Natural Gas. March 2019
The regulator adopted the Rulebook on Methodology and the Methodologies for determination of Tariffs for Transmission, Distribution and Market Operation of Natural Gas December 2018
The regulator approved the Certification rules for transmission system operation under the Third Energy Package, as one of the first secondary acts required by the  new Law. August 2018
The Energy Law transposes the requirements of Directive 2009/73/EC and Regulation (EC) 715/2009. June 2018


Latest developments in climate Date
FYR of Macedonia submitted to the UNFCCC National inventory reports (NIR) and the second Biennial Update Reports (BUR2) on Climate Change. March 2018

The country ratified the Paris Agreement. 

November 2017


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