State of compliance

  • Stockholding obligation

    Stockholding obligation

    At present, Moldova has no oil stocks. The country has drafted an Law on creating and maintaining a minimum level of oil product stocks in 2017. The draft foresees that before its entry into force the Government will submit proposals to bring existing legislation into conformity with this law. The draft law foresees its entry into force on 1 January 2021 and it complies with Directive 2009/119/EC.        

  • Specific stocks

    Specific stocks

    There are currently no specific stocks in Moldova. The new draft Law foresees that one of the Government's duties is to decide, if necessary, on the establishment and maintenance of specific stocks of petroleum products, establishing the petroleum products assortment, the number of days to create specific stocks, the period of creation and maintenance, and their sources of funding. Petroleum products designed for creating emergency stocks and specific stocks should be stored only in storage facilities belonging to the State or to authorized economic or storage operators.

  • Availability and accessibility

    Availability and accessibility

    There are no emergency oil stocks, however, the draft Law foresees that the Material Reserves Agency shall ensure the constant accessibility and availability of emergency oil stocks to be used in exceptional circumstances, in accordance with the relevant decision of the Government.

  • Reporting


    One of the duties of the central public authority for regulating, monitoring and supervising the oil stocks, foreseen in the draft Law, is to present by the 10 February of each year to the central public administration body in the energy field a summary of the register of emergency stocks. The register contains the marked quantities, the nature of the emergency stocks and the types of petroleum products included for the last day of the previous calendar year and a full copy of the register of emergency stocks. In addition, the central public authority has to send statistical information about the location, level and structure of emergency stocks. The Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) Questionnaire is not submitted.

  • Emergency procedures

    Emergency procedures

    Oil stocks within Moldova as well as those maintained outside the country can only be released and put into circulation, wholly or partially, thus temporarily reducing the amount of maintained emergency stocks, by a decision of the Government. When releasing and putting into circulation the oil stocks, the Government sets a deadline for their restoration. The released oil stocks should be put onto circulation at the oil market price. The oil stocks that are maintained in Moldova for another country or a Contracting Party of the Energy Community can be released only by the State for which they are stored. The concerned oil stocks cannot be the subject of collateral or enforcement.