State of Compliance

  • Competition Law

    Competition Law

    Moldova adopted a Competition Law in 2012. It includes provisions corresponding to Articles 101, 102 and 106 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

    The Competition Council cooperates with the Secretariat in the framework of the Energy Community Competition Network and actively contributes to its work.

    In the reporting period, the Competition Council cleared one merger in the petrol industry and dealt with a complaint regarding alleged anti-competitive conduct of Red Union Fenosa JSC and the national regulatory authority by refusal of the company to conclude a contract on the distribution of electricity with the complainant because the agency did not approve the tariff. However, the Competition Council found that the regulatory authority did not discriminate between the complainant and its competitors and therefore closed the case.

    The Competition Council is currently investigating the wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products and liquefied gas and the market for electricity production. The outcome and follow-up to these sector inquires will be closely monitored by the Secretariat.

  • State Aid Law

    State Aid Law

    The State Aid Law, adopted in 2012, contains a general prohibition of State aid in accordance with Article 107(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and covers aid to providers of services of general economic interest.  In the reporting period, amendments were adopted specifying the definition of State aid and imposing a ten-year statutory period. The Competition Council did not render any decisions regarding State aid in the energy sectors in the reporting period.