State of Compliance

  • Competition Law

    Competition Law

    Moldova adopted a Competition Law in 2012. It includes provisions corresponding to Articles 101, 102 and 106 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. In the reporting period, amendments were introduced that relate to the selection criteria for members of the Competition Council and open the possibility to appeal decisions to the court.

    The Competition Council cooperates with the Secretariat in the framework of the Energy Community Competition Network and actively contributes to its work.

    In November 2017, the Competition Council found that the companies Dominic and Comert-Gaz had entered into an anti-competitive agreement with the aim of participating with misleading offers in the procurement procedure organised and carried out by the municipal enterprise Regia “Autosalubritate” to buy propane-butan gas oil products. A fine of 3.570.000 lei was imposed on the companies.


  • State Aid Law

    State Aid Law

    The State Aid Law, adopted in 2012, contains a general prohibition of State aid in accordance with Article 107(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and covers aid to providers of services of general economic interest. Furthermore, the Competition Council adopted a Regulation on State aid assessment for Regional Development and a Regulation on State aid assessment for environmental protection which closely follow European secondary legislation.

    The Competition Council examined support measures granted to Vestmoldtransgaz and its successor Eurotransgaz, in the context of the construction of the natural gas pipeline in the direction of Ungheni - Chisinau, and the support measures granted in the context of the implementation of the gas interconnection project on the Iasi-Ungheni segment. The Council found that due to the lack of an economic advantage, the measures examined do not constitute State aid.