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1 May 2010
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Latest developments in Third Package Date
New laws on electricity and natural gas (Third Package) published in the Official Gazette.  July 2016

The new Power Sector Law compliant with the Third Energy Package entered into force.

 June 2015


Latest developments in competition Date
Competition Council found that the companies Dominic and Comert-Gaz had entered into an anti-competitive agreement with the aim of participating with misleading offers in the procurement procedure organised and carried out by the municipal enterprise Regia “Autosalubritate” to buy propane-butan gas oil products. A fine of 3.570.000 lei was imposed on the companies. November 2017
Amendments to the State Aid Law were adopted, making it compatible with the terminology used in the new Competition Law. March 2014


Latest developments in statistics Date

Moldovan National Bureau of Statistics publishes for the first time electricity and gas price statistics.

August 2015 


Latest developments in renewable energy Date

Moldova submits its second Renewable Energy Progress Report 2014-2015. 

February 2017
The Parliament of Moldova adopted a renewable energy law aimed at transposing Directive 2009/28/EC.  March 2016


Latest development in environment Date
Moldova submits new legislation on the sulphur content of liquid fuels to the Secretariat.
May 2016
A decision of the Government of Moldova on the reduction of the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels, including marine fuels, was adopted. With this decision, Moldova transposed the
provisions of the Sulphur in Fuels Directive into national law.
April 2016


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
Moldova becomes first Energy Community Contracting Party to adopt law transposing the Energy Efficiency Directive July 2018
Moldova submits the Secretariat its second Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU July 2018
The Law transposing the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU  was adopted by the Moldovan Cabinet of Minister. February 2018
Following the submission of the first annual report under Directive 2012/27/EU (June 2017), Moldova submits an updated version. September 2017
Ministry of Economy prepared the draft Energy Efficiency Law aimed at transposing Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU. March 2017 

2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan of Moldova (2016-2018) was adopted and published in the Official Gazette.

March 2017 


Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

ANRE signs an Action Plan targeting the strengthening of its independence and including necessary legislative and institutional reforms.

December 2016


Latest development in electricity Date
The end-user electricity prices were updated, taking into account the increase of the electricity supply price procured by Energocom. April 2017
Tariffs for access to the distribution network at different voltage levels unbundled from the end-user regulated electricity tariffs were revised based on the amendments to the methodology. March 2017
Ministry of Economy adopted Guidelines for the Annual Procurement of Electricity drafted by the Secretariat. January 2017
The Parliament of Moldova adopted a new Electricity Law to transpose the Third Energy Package. May 2016
Adopted for all three distribution companies in July 2015, tariffs for access to the distribution network at different voltage
levels unbundled from the end-user regulated electricity tariffs were
March 2016


Latest developments in gas Date

The Secretariat launched a consultancy project aimed at developing acquis compliant gas transmission and distribution network rules for Moldova. 

May 2017


Latest developments in climate Date

 As a non-Annex I party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Moldova ratified the Paris Agreement.

 June 2017

Moldova adopted Low Emission Strategy up to 2030 and the action plan for its implementation. Both are in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 525/2013.

December 2016
Latest developments in oil Date
The country drafted a law on creating and maintaining a minimum level of oil product stocks. April 2017

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