State of compliance

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

    Environmental Impact Assessment / Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive

    No development consents were issued to projects related to network energy in the course of the reporting period, with the one for the Kosova e Re (New Kosovo) power plant still pending. The transposition of the provisions of the new Environmental Impact Assessment Directive (2011/92/EU, as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU), was foreseen by the end of 2017, the adoption process was however delayed.

    The provisions of Directive 2001/42/EC are transposed by the Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment.

    The use of both environmental assessments needs further improvement in the energy sector, with an increased uptake of public participation and quality control of the environmental reports. There is still a lack of specialized institutional structures as well as administrational capacities able to deliver expert opinions on environmental reports.

  • Sulphur in Fuels Directive

    Sulphur in Fuels Directive

    Kosovo* has no refineries and consequently no domestic production of heavy fuel oil and gas oil. The administrative instruction, which entered into force in April 2017, regulates the sector. Customs authorities as well as the Market Inspectorate in cooperation with authorised inspection bodies carry out the quality control of the petroleum products falling under the scope of the Directive.

    The provisions on marine fuels do not apply to this Contracting Party.

  • Large Combustion Plants Directive

    Large Combustion Plants / Industrial Emissions Directive

    In May 2017, Kosovo* sent a second version of the National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP) to the Secretariat, which was assessed and approved subject to certain comments. In May 2018, the NERP was adopted by the Government of Kosovo*, taking the Secretariat’s comments into account.

    Work on amendments to the Administrative Instruction on emission limit values from large combustion plants as well as the Law on Industrial Emissions was initiated but still remains at an early stage. The currently applicable legal framework still fails to comply with the provisions of the Large Combustion Plants and Industrial Emissions Directives. In order to address this shortcoming, the Secretariat sent an Opening Letter to the Contracting Party in June 2018.

    The Kosova e Re thermal power plant, planned to be put into operation until 2023, falls under the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive and has to meet the thresholds stipulated therein for new plants.

  • Wild Birds Directive

    Wild Birds Directive

    The Law on Nature Protection, adopted in 2010, defines special protective areas and requires their designation in compliance with the Wild Birds Directive. The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning plans to review the legislation on national parks by the end of 2017.