State of compliance

While Kosovo* has carried out important legislative activities in the field of environment and the general level of transposition of the environmental acquis is high, the implementation of these measures still remains at a low level.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

    Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

    Kosovo* has transposed the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive into national law by the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment of 2010 and several acts of secondary legislation adopted during 2011. The transposition of the provisions of the new Environmental Impact Assessment Directive 2011/92/EU, as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU, is foreseen by the end of 2017.

  • Sulphur in Fuels Directive

    Sulphur in Fuels Directive

    Kosovo* transposed the requirements of the Sulphur in Fuels Directive through the new Administrative Instruction on the Quality of Oil Products. The Secretariat received a complaint alleging a systematic failure in the sampling and analysis of fuel products under the scope of the Directive. However, given the lack of sufficient evidence, no infringement action was started. As regards marine fuels, Kosovo* has no market for such products given the landlocked nature of the country.

  • Large Combustion Plants Directive

    Large Combustion Plants Directive

    Kosovo* is preparing for the implementation of Directive 2001/80/EC according to the Law on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control and the Administrative Instruction on the Rules and Standards of Emissions into the Air by Stationary Sources of Pollution. Operators have to obtain an integrated permit and prepare a separate emission reduction plan for each plant, which could serve as a basis for the national one. The emission limit values have still not been brought in line with the requirements of the Large Combustion Plants and Industrial Emissions Directives which means that the domestic legislation is not compliant with these Directives. The administrative instruction requires the continuous measurement of emissions into the air in the case of large combustion plants. Kosovo* is currently making emission measurements in its two large combustion plants.

    The adoption of amendments to the Administrative Instruction on the Rules and Standards of Emissions into the Air by Stationary Sources of Pollution and the Law on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, planned for 2016 and with a view to ensure compliance with the Large Combustion Plants and the Industrial Emissions Directives, has been postponed to end of 2017.

    In October 2016, the Secretariat found that the draft National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP) was in violation of the Large Combustion Plants Directive and the Policy Guidelines 03/2014-ECS on the preparation of National Emission Reduction Plans and asked the Kosovo* authorities to amend the NERP accordingly. In May 2017, a new version of the NERP was submitted to the Secretariat, which is currently under assessment.

  • Wild Birds Directive

    Wild Birds Directive

    The Law on Nature Protection, adopted in 2010, defines special protective areas and requires their designation in compliance with the Wild Birds Directive. The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning plans to review the legislation on national parks by the end of 2017.