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1 July 2006
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Latest developments in Third Package Date
Kosovo* adopts Laws on energy, electricity and gas aimed at transposing Third Package.
June 2016 


Latest developments in gas Date
Ministry of Economic Development adopted an administrative instruction on security of supply of natural gas. August 2017

Secretariat assesses Kosovo*'s draft Administrative Instruction on security of gas supply as compliant and ambitious.

May 2017
The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo* adopted Law on Natural Gas and the Law on Energy Regulator, transposing the majority of Third Package provisions in the natural gas sector. July 2016


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
The Ministry adopts four technical regulations to implement the Law on Energy Performance. December 2018
Law on Energy Efficiency transposing Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency was adopted by the Parliament of Kosovo*.   November 2018
Kosovo* was the first country that submitted the 1st Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU. June 2018
A new Energy Efficiency Law was finalised in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat, and, adopted by the Government. Adoption by the Parliament is still pending. May 2018
The REEP Plus programme supported the responsible state institutions in Kosovo*,  prepared model energy performance and energy supply contracts  and identified a number of gaps in the functioning of the ESCO market in Kosovo*. May 2018
A new comprehensive investment programme for energy efficiency in the residential sector was launched. April 2018
Kosovo* submits the Law on Energy Efficiency for public consultations. In parallel, the draft final Law is being prepared with IPA assistance under the Secretariat’s guidance. February 2018
The Government of Kosovo* adopts the 3rd Energy Efficiency Action Plan. August 2017


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Kosovo* submits the third progress report on the promotion of renewable energy 2016-2017, to the Secretariat. February 2019
The Ministry of Trade and Industry finalised the draft Law on Trade in Petroleum Products and Renewable Fuels and the Administrative Instruction on Biofuels and sent it to the Cabinet of Ministers. June 2018
Regulation (Grk) No. 05/2018 On One Stop Shop For Renewable Energy Sources was adopted. April 2018
A revised government administrative instruction on cooperation mechanisms was adopted, ncreasing Kosovo* 's compliance with the acquis in this respect. March 2017


Latest development in environment Date
The revised NERP, which takes the Secretariat’s comments into account, was adopted by the Government of Kosovo*. May 2018
In order to implement the Wild Birds Directive, a new Administrative Instruction on strictly protected wild species was adopted. October 2017
Following Secretariat's assessment that the draft plan violates Combustion Plants Directive and the Policy Guidelines 03/2014-ECS, a new version of the NERP was submitted to the Secretariat. May 2017
Between September 2016 and March 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning issued development consent for one hydropower plant, three wind farms and three solar farms. March 2017

Kosovo* submitted its National Emission Reduction Plan to the Secretariat.

December 2015


Latest developments in electricity Date
The transmission system operator of Kosovo was certified by the regulator,  following the Energy Community Secretariat's Opinion 02/2019. February 2019
KOSTT applied for TSO certification by the national regulatory authority, ERO. May 2018
The transmission system operator is organising daily auctions for purchasing electricity to cover network losses. September 2017
ERO approved new transmission and distribution tariffs which are applied as of 1 April 2017. April 2017
Following the regulator's Guideline on market liberalisation (Issued 01/2017),  the wholesale prices and supply prices for high voltage customers were deregulated as of 1 April 2017. April 2017

In line with the Third Energy Package provisions on protection of customers, ERO updated the rules on resolution of complaints and disputes.

March 2017

ERO, as a responsible body, adopted and published the supplier switching rules. October 2016
Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

Following approval of supply license for new supplier HEP, national regulator approves supply license for new supplier GSA.

November 2016 


Latest development in renewable energy Date
The Law on State Aid was amended. It transposes the State aid acquis January 2017
Kosovo Competition Authority (KCA) appointed its members. This was blocking the work of KCA since November 2013. June 2016


Latest developments in infrastructure Date
Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 347/2013, the national competent authority was established by a decision of the Minister of Economic Development. August 2017

The Minister of Economic Development signed the administrative instruction on the promotion of joint regional investments in the energy sector, which transposed Regulation (EU) 347/2013.

February 2017


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