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1 July 2006
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Latest developments in Climate Date
The Administrative Instruction Nr. 14/2018 on capture and deposition of carbon dioxide in suitable geological formations was approved at the 79th meeting of the Government of Kosovo* December 2018
By Decision No.09 / 79, Kosovo* adopted two administrative instructions partially transposing Regulation (EU) 525/2013, namely the Administrative Instruction on a Mechanism for Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Administrative Instruction for Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
December 2018
The 2019 - 2028 National Strategy and Action Plan on climate change has been approved by the Government September 2018


Latest developments in gas Date
The feasibility study for ALKOGAP was finalized. This interconnector with Albania is the most advanced PECI project that could allow gas to reach Kosovo*. December 2018


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
The Energy Efficiency Agency submitted 3rd Annual Progress Report as required by the Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency.   October 2019
The Energy Efficiency Agency submitted final drafts of the 4th NEEAP and National plan for increasing the number of nearly zero-energy buildings. Both documents cover period 2019 – 2021 and are planned to be adopted by the end of 2019. October 2019
The board of directors of the new energy efficiency fund appointed the managing director. August 2019
The institutional framework was strengthened with the establishment of a new energy efficiency fund as an independent entity. January 2019
The Ministry adopts three technical regulations to implement the Law on Energy Performance of Buildings. December 2018
Law on Energy Efficiency transposing Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency was adopted by the Parliament of Kosovo*.   November 2018
Kosovo* was the first country that submitted the 1st Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU. June 2018
A new Energy Efficiency Law was finalised in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat, and, adopted by the Government. Adoption by the Parliament is still pending. May 2018
The REEP Plus programme supported the responsible state institutions in Kosovo*,  prepared model energy performance and energy supply contracts  and identified a number of gaps in the functioning of the ESCO market in Kosovo*. May 2018


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Kosovo* submits the third progress report on the promotion of renewable energy 2016-2017, to the Secretariat. February 2019
The Ministry of Trade and Industry finalised the draft Law on Trade in Petroleum Products and Renewable Fuels and the Administrative Instruction on Biofuels and sent it to the Cabinet of Ministers. June 2018
Regulation (Grk) No. 05/2018 On One Stop Shop For Renewable Energy Sources was adopted. April 2018


Latest development in environment Date
An Administrative Instruction (MTI) No. 06/2019  on the technical requirements for import, storage, wholesale, and retail sale of petroleum fuels and cleaning of tanks was adopted. July 2019
Government of Kosovo* declares Pashtrik Mountain and Vërmica Lake a Protected Area in the category of Nature Park. May 2019
The revised NERP, which takes the Secretariat’s comments into account, was adopted by the Government of Kosovo*. May 2018


Latest developments in electricity Date
The regulator amended a Guideline on liberalisation of the electricity market in Kosovo* in order to prolong regulation of supply prices, by 31 March 2020 for customers supplied at a 35 kV voltage level, and by 31 March 2021 for 10 kV customers. March 2019
The transmission system operator of Kosovo was certified by the regulator,  following the Energy Community Secretariat's Opinion 02/2019. February 2019
Kosovo Business Registration Agency registered a supply company Elektrosever, wholly owned by the Electric Power Utility of Serbia, EPS. Licensing of a Serbian supplier in Kosovo* is a precondition for the entry into force of the Connection Agreement between ENTSO-E and KOSTT. November 2018
A Memorandum of Understanding on day-ahead market coupling between the transmission system operators and national regulatory authorities of Albania and Kosovo* was signed. August 2018
KOSTT applied for the transmission system operator (TSO) certification by the national regulatory authority, ERO. May 2018
Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

Following approval of supply license for new supplier HEP, national regulator approves supply license for new supplier GSA.

November 2016 


Latest development in renewable energy Date
Kosovo Competition Authority (KCA) started a sector inquiry of the energy markets. June 2019
 State Aid Department of the Ministry of Finance publishes “State Aid Guideline”. January 2019
Regulation of (GRK) No. 19/2018 on Procedures and Forms of State aid Notification, was approved on 71 meeting of the Government of Kosovo, with the Decision No.05/71. October 2018


Latest developments in infrastructure Date
Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 347/2013, the national competent authority was established by a decision of the Minister of Economic Development. August 2017

The Minister of Economic Development signed the administrative instruction on the promotion of joint regional investments in the energy sector, which transposed Regulation (EU) 347/2013.

February 2017


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