Secretariat's past reports

Being a community under the rule of law, it is through the harmonization of laws that the Energy Community aims to achieve its goals and to integrate the markets of the Contracting Parties with each other and that of the European Union. Pursuant to Article 67 of the Treaty the Secretariat is to monitor  the implementation and prepare an annual report on its findings. 

The Implementation Report is every year the focal product of the Energy Community Secretariat and its monitoring role. It brings together the entire Energy Community family: every single member of the Secretariat, all Permanent High Level Group members and many other officials in our Contracting Parties.

The Implementation Report evolves every year. Not only because of the developments in the Contracting Parties but also because of the widened scope of the Energy Community acquis and newly added content. Also the quintessence of the Report has moved from beyond mere transposition towards assessing implementation in real terms.