State of compliance 


  • Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

    Environmental Impact Assessment / Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive

    In Georgia, the Laws on Environmental Impact Permits and on Ecological Expertise, both adopted in 2007 and amended several times, regulate the environmental impact assessment procedure. Furthermore, several pieces of secondary legislation necessary for the implementation of the laws were adopted in 2013. The Law on Environmental Impact Permits defines the term “environmental impact assessment”, lists the activities that are subject to environmental impact assessment, lays down the procedure for mandatory public hearings as well the rules for the preparation and review of an environmental review. The provisions of the national legislation are, however, not yet in compliance with the provisions of Directive 2011/92/EU as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU, which Georgia shall transpose by the end of 2018.

    No legislation on strategic environmental assessment exists yet. Georgia shall address this shortcoming without further delay, otherwise the Secretariat will have to initiate infringement procedures.

  • Sulphur in Fuels Directive

    Sulphur in Fuels Directive

    The Secretariat assisted Georgia, under the EU4Energy framework, with the development of national legislation transposing the requirements of the Sulphur in Fuels Directive which, in accordance with Georgia’s Accession Protocol to the Energy Community Treaty, shall be fully implemented by 1 September 2021.

    The project was finalised in December 2017 and the deliverable was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection. However, the draft was not adopted yet.

  • Large Combustion Plants Directive

    Large Combustion Plants / Industrial Emissions Directive

    Georgia’s Accession Protocol to the Energy Community Treaty sets out a transitional period for the transposition of the provisions of the Large Combustion Plants Directive until 31 December 2018 for existing plants and a transitional period until 1 September 2018 for new plants.

    Given the fact that the transposition exercise of either Directives has not started yet, Georgia has to urgently step up its efforts in this domain.

  • Wild Birds

    Wild Birds

    The deadline in the Accession Protocol of Georgia to transpose Article 4(2) of the Wild Birds Directive will only expire on 1 September 2019.

    During the reporting period, certain steps were taken under the Bern Convention with the official adoption of three designated Emerald sites in this Contracting Party. Ensuring the proper functioning of the Emerald Network, which is highly compatible with the Natura 2000 network, would be beneficial for the future classification process. Furthermore, the necessary measures for the protection of protected species have to be set up.