State of compliance

The responsible institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina have achieved significant progress in complying with the energy statistics acquis, particularly with regard to annual energy statistics. There still remain several issues of non-compliance, most evident are those related to monthly statistics.


  • Regulation (EC) 1099/2008

    Regulation (EC) 1099/2008 on energy statistics

    Bosnia and Herzegovina collected and compiled the annual data collection comprising all five annual questionnaires for 2014 and for the first time transmitted a full set of annual energy statistics to EUROSTAT following the defined procedure although with considerable delay.

    A survey of energy consumption in households conducted in YEAR is a turning point in terms of completing the annual energy statistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing the most relevant missing information on consumption of renewable energies and other forms of energy consumed by households. However, the results of the survey were not adequately captured and integrated in the annual questionnaires, with most important impact on the quality of data reported in the questionnaires on renewable energy sources and questionnaires on final consumption in households.

    Recalling that the reconstruction of data series is not completed yet and the needed revision of data on renewables, the question of the quality of reported data becomes relevant.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has not compiled and submitted the breakdown of the energy consumption in households, as required by the acquis.

    Hence, in terms of annual statistics, Bosnia and Herzegovina has made progress, but has not achieved full compliance with the requirements of the acquis.

    BHAS started to compile monthly reports for electricity and coal. Methodologies and questionnaires for monthly energy statistics were compliant with the acquis. However, the submission of monthly data to EUROSTAT or UN was suspended in 2017 and has not been resumed yet.

    The collection of data on oil and petroleum products still remains a problem. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations has initiated some activities and preliminary JODI oil data collections were submitted to the UN Statistics division, but the needed progress has not been achieved.

    A comprehensive administrative framework is still missing, along with a corresponding IT solution.

    Monthly data collection are not taking place according to the acquis.

    The quality report that has to be prepared once in five years and was due in 2018 has not been submitted to EUROSTAT yet. Its preparation is planned for September 2018.

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/1952

    Regulation 2016/1952/EU on European statistics on natural gas and electricity prices

    BHAS regularly reports semi-annual data for electricity and natural gas prices to EUROSTAT. Electricity prices are collected and compiled by SERC, whereas gas prices are provided by the biggest retail supplier.

    The prices of electricity charged to industrial and household end-users are compiled and aggregated in accordance with Regulation 2016/1952/EU and submitted to EUROSTAT. Until first semester 2017 the prices of natural gas are reported and published by EUROSTAT broken down per consumption bands and per taxation levels. Data for the second semester were not reported nor disseminated.

    As regards the breakdown of components of electricity prices, Bosnia and Herzegovina has not submitted the required data for the second semester of 2017 to EUROSTAT. Hence Bosnia and Herzegovina does not comply with the acquis on energy price statistics.