State of compliance

  • Stockholding obligation

    Stockholding obligation

    Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have legislation on compulsory stocks of oil and petroleum products on the state level and there is no national policy to meet the obligations of Directive 2009/119/EC. The technical assistance on the oil stocks model for an emergency stockholding system provided by the Secretariat in 2016 has not been followed up by concrete proposals/actions from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the working group established for this purpose.

  • Specific stocks

    Specific stocks

    Bosnia and Herzegovina does not hold specific stocks.

  • Availability and accessibility

    Availability and accessibility

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, no oil stocks policy is in place, therefore, the availability and accessibility of these stocks are out of the question.

  • Reporting


    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Agency for Statistics is responsible for compiling national statistics and fulfilling international reporting requirements. There is currently no monthly oil data collection being carried out. Such statistics would serve as the basis for determining the amount of stocks to be held in order to meet Bosnia and Herzegovina’s stockholding obligations. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations should take the leading role in this effort and coordinate the work to establish monthly data collection in full compliance with the Monthly Oil Statistics (MOS) (on a Month -2 basis). The established database is a good basis for processing and creating the missing short-term monthly indicators, thus fulfilling not only the obligations assumed under the energy statistics acquis, but also in the field of mandatory oil reserves, as energy statistics are an important precondition for implementation of Directive 2009/119/EC.

    The Joint Organisations Data Initiative - Oil (JODI) Questionnaire is not submitted.

  • Emergency procedures

    Emergency procedures

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are no emergency procedures in place in compliance with Directive 2009/119/EC.