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30 June 2006
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IR2021 / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina's 
2021 implementation
performance and key
energy sector benchmark data

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Overall implementation performance, energy mix, consumption


Implementation indicators, facts and figures, retail market opening


Implementation indicators, facts and figures, retail market opening

Renewable energy

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Energy efficiency indicators, implementation indicators, implementation of labelling


Implementation indicators, LCP installations, LCP emissions, hours used from opt-out period


Implementation indicators


Implementation indicators


Implementation indicators


Implementation indicators

National authorities

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Implementation indicators

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Regulatory authority latest developments    Date
With Decision No. 04-02-2-118-26/20, the regulator adopts Rules on wholesale electricity  market integrity and transparency May 2020


Latest developments in electricity Date
Legal unbundling of the distribution system operator from supply activities in the utility Elektroprivreda RS was completed, whereas separation of distributed generation and functional unbundling are yet to be finalised. April 2021
 Implementation of the REMIT Regulation was completed through the establishment of a Register of Participants
with the required reporting mechanisms.
Republika Srpska submitted a new draft Electricity Law for adoption by the entity Parliament. The Law transposes unbundling provisions in compliance with the Third Package and is in its final public hearing procedure. July 2019


Latest developments in energy efficiency

The fifth Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive of Bosnia and Herzegovina was submitted to the Secretariat October 2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted its  fourth Annual Report under the Energy Efficiency Directive to the Secretariat. August 2020
Rulebook on minimum requirements for energy performance of buildings was adopted in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. November 2019
The Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Republika Srpska was amended to transpose requirements of Articles 4 of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency (building renovation). October 2019
Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry adopts the Rulebook on regular inspections of heating and air conditioning systems October 2019


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted its fourth Progress Report on promotion and use of energy from renewable sources.  June 2021
Third Progress Report on promotion and use of energy from renewable energy source submitted to the Secretariat.  July 2019


Latest developments in environment  
Bosnia and Herzegovina complied with its emission reporting obligations. March 2021
With the adoption of the new Law on Environmental Protection by Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the earlier adoption of the amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection by Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina transposed the amending Directive 2014/52/EU. February 2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina fulfilled its reporting obligations on pollutants under the scope of the Large Combustion Plants Directive by submitting the relevant information to the European Environment Agency. August 2019


Latest developments in climate Date
Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted its NDC2 to the UNFCCC Secretariat. April 2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted draft chapters of the NECP to the Secretariat for informal review. November 2020
Bosnia and Herzegovina officially launched a national working group to work on its NECP. The national working group is meeting regularly. February 2019
Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

State Electricity Regulatory Commission becomes Observer of the Council of European Energy Regulators.

January 2017 


Latest development in gas Date
The entity regulator certified Gas Promet Pale under the ownership unbundling model, taking into account the Secretariat’s Opinion. November 2020
The Republika Srpska regulator adopted the Rulebook on supplier switching, defining the rights and obligations of different entities. April 2019
Republika Srpska successfully transposed the unbundling and certification requirements in line with the gas acquis on its territory by the adoption of a primary energy law and a Rulebook on certification. March 2019


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date

Law on energy performance of buildings (transposing Directive 2010/31/EU) was adopted by the Albanian parliament.

November 2016