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1 July 2006
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Latest developments in electricity Date
Albanian Parliament adopted amendments to the Power Sector Law of 2015, which improve its compliance with the electricity acquis May 2020
Government of Albania adopts a decision to establish a power exchange, with day-ahead and intraday markets.  May 2019
ERE approved the tariffs for access to transmission and distribution networks and for universal supply for 2019. The prices remained at the same level as in the previous period. December 2018
Following the signing of a service agreement on regional security coordination between the transmission system operator and the Security Coordination Centre (SCC),  the procurement of services in Albania commenced. June 2018


Latest developments in climate Date
The Albanian Parliament approves a new Law on Climate Change (Nr. 155/2020). December 2020
Decision no 499 of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the draft Law "On climate change" was adopted. Albania is now waiting for the Law to be adopted by the Parliament. July 2019
Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
Albanian parliament amends the Law on energy efficiency and sets mandatory targets for the public, private sector, and large consumers. February 2021
The government adopted two decisions with procedures for the energy performance certification of buildings in Albania,  including registration, verification and supervision of EPCs. November 2020
Albania submitted the Secretariat its fourth Annual Report  under the Energy Efficiency Directive.  June 2020
Albania submitted the Secretariat its second Annual Report  under the Energy Efficiency Directive.  March 2019
ECO model contracts and a legal gap analysis were finalised and submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy by EBRD and the Energy Community Secretariat, as part of an international technical assistance programme (REEP Plus). June 2018


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Albania submitted its fourth progress report on promotion and use of energy from renewable sources under Article 22 of the Renewable Energy Directive to the Secretariat.  July 2021
The third progress report on the promotion of renewable energy for the years 2016 - 2017 was submitted to the Secretariat. March 2019
Albania successfully completes the first-ever renewable energy support auction in the Energy Community. November 2018

ERE published the decision with the tariffs for small hydropower producers calculated based on the methodology and valid for 2018.

January 2018


Latest development in environment Date
With regard to the obligations related to marine fuels, a Decision of the Council of Ministers “On the quality of certain liquid fuels used for thermal, civil, industrial and sea transport” was adopted, transposing the relevant provisions of the Sulphur in Fuels Directive. June 2019
The Law on Protected Areas was amended by Regulation No. 593 to emphasise the planning and development of protected areas. October 2018



Latest development in gas  
With its Decision No. 97, Energy Regulatory Authority approves the TAP network code. June 2020
With its Decision No 65, the national regulatory authority approves the ALBGAZ network code April 2020
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy adopted an act on designation of service areas for transmission and distribution of natural gas. Its provisions aim at ensuring development  of natural gas infrastructure. December 2018
Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania (CoM Decision No 590) adopted the Natural Gas Market Model. October 2018
Pursuant to ERE Decision No 161, the national regulatory authority adopted the General conditions for the supply of natural gas. July 2018
Operational rules for the natural gas supplier of last resort were drafted by ERE and adopted. April 2018


Latest development in renewable energy Date
Albania's Council of Ministers adopted the National Renewable Energy Action Plan in Jan 2016. The English version was submitted to the Secretariat and is now on-line. March 2016
Parliament of Albania passed the Law on Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources. February 2017


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date

Law on energy performance of buildings (transposing Directive 2010/31/EU) was adopted by the Albanian parliament.

November 2016


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