In terms of logistics, participants to the Energy Community meetings  are responsible for booking their flights or making other travel arrangements) and hotel reservations. The journeys shall be arranged in the most economical manner in accordance with the applicable rules.

In case of eligibility, participants are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses incurred when travelling between their place of residence (or work) and the place of the meeting. In terms of means of transport, the participants are authorized to travel by:

• airplane,
• train and/or
• car.

The Secretariat maintains a list of hotels located close to its premises with which it has negotiated special rates. Should you decide for one of the listed hotels, please state that you are attending an Energy Community event. This way you can benefit from fixed Energy Community room rates. Participants eligible for reimbursement should pay respect to the "hotel ceiling" (currently maximum amount of 120 EUR per night).

Secretariat's hotel recommendations

Vienna hotel (status 07/2019)