The Reimbursement Rules of the Energy Community lay down the conditions and procedures concerning the reimbursement of costs of travel for participation to the meetings of the institutions established by the Treaty as well as bodies established by these institutions.

Eligibility depends on three factors, namely, on organisation that you represent, on number of representatives and the type of the meeting you will be attending. 

  • Eligibility

    Eligibility persons

    Eligible representatives

    • participants from the state authorities from the Contracting Parties (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine) and Observers (Armenia and Türkiye) under the Treaty,
    • participants from the state authorities and/or private sector entities defined as target groups under the projects (“grant contracts”),
    • participants at EU4ENERGY meetings from a Contracting Party shall be reimbursed under project budget.
    • members of the Advisory Committee.


    Eligible participants

    • Without prejudice to the specified exceptions, only one representative per beneficiary party (ministry, regulatory authority, agency, entity etc.) shall be eligible for reimbursement.
    • The Director of the Energy Community Secretariat may allow reimbursement for more than one representative on an ad hoc basis for eligible representatives of the beneficiaries (see Art 3(1)) specific institutional set up on the ground of their political structure.
    • For workshops and conferences, participation of up to two representatives per Contracting Party and other beneficiary countries, unless the Director decides otherwise.
    • Where only one participant is eligible, two or more participants from one beneficiary party may be reimbursed within the overall envisaged budget for one participant in accordance with the established limits.

    Eligible Meetings

    The rules for reimbursement are applicable to the institutional meetings of the Energy Community as well as bodies established by those institutions. These comprise:

    • the Ministerial Council;
    • the Permanent High Level Group;
    • the Energy Community Fora (Electricity Forum, Gas Forum, Oil Forum);
    • the Energy Community Regulatory Board, including its Working Groups (”WG”);
    • the Budget Committee;
    • the Task Forces, Coordination Groups and other working bodies established by the decisions or conclusions of the Ministerial Council or the Director; and,
    • Energy Community Parliamentary Plenum meetings
    • the Advisory Committee meetings.

    Participation in conferences, other fora (such as sustainability, law or dispute resolution forum, competition and state aid conferences etc.), meetings and workshops organized by the Secretariat in implementing the Work Program of the Energy Community, shall be eligible for reimbursement. Whether participation costs are subject to refunding or not shall be explicitly indicated in the relevant invitation.

  • Entitlement


    Only the costs of travel are reimbursed. No per diems will be paid in addition to the travel expenses. The costs of travel comprise the costs of transportation and costs of accommodation as necessary for the purposes of the meeting in question. For all events eligible for reimbursement, the cost of travel to be reimbursed per meeting and per eligible participant from any beneficiary party may not exceed EUR 800. This maximum may be subject to changes, depending on the budgetary situation of the Energy Community.


    Means of transport

    Principles of the most cost-effective means of transport and the most direct route apply. For travel by plane, the cost of an economy class return ticket will be reimbursed. For travel by train, the cost of a second class return ticket will be reimbursed. For travel by private car, mileage costs will be reimbursed based on the most recent scale under Austrian legislation.

    Costs for public transportation (bus, train, metro) shall be reimbursed. Taxi costs may be reimbursed on an exceptional basis when public transportation is not in place or not reasonable. Justification for using a taxi will be required. For meetings taking place in Vienna, public transportation shall be used.



    In terms of accommodation, the participants should pay respect to the "hotel ceiling". Currently the Energy Community reimburses the maximum amount of 150 EUR per night for the cost of accommodation.

  • Procedure


    • Reimbursement of eligible expenditures is possible only if the claimer has previously registered for the event in question through the website of the Energy Community.This requirement does not apply currently for the events organized under the grant contacts. 
    • A claim for reimbursement of travel expenses has to be submitted using the online form on the Energy Community’s website within 30 calendar days after the date of the meeting in question. The reimbursement button will stay activated through the website of the Energy Community until 30 days after the event.
    • The online claim must be supported by documents as evidence of the costs incurred, namely flight, railway, public transport tickets, hotel invoices etc. There will be no reimbursement of expenditures without invoices provided.
    • Any related correspondence regarding reimbursement matters shall be sent in writing to [email protected] or to [email protected] (for grant contracts).
    • Reimbursements shall be made only via bank transfer.
    • Reimbursement will be made in Euro to the stated bank account of the institution nominating the delegate.
  • How to submit a claim?

    How to submit a claim?

    • In order to access the reimbursement form, open the Event section of the website, look for the event in question and click the page to access.
    • On the day of the event, the reimbursement form in the event details page will be activated. The form remains active for a period of 30 days.
    • Successful on-line registration is a prerequisite. You will be able to open the reimbursement form only if you have registered to the event. 
    • Make sure to log in prior opening the reimbursement form.