EMAS and energy management

Heating management

In order to control the heat consumption per radiator, the Secretariat labelled all its radiators and created thereby a radiator map for its two floors. As a next step, it set rules for optimal heating in the office rooms and secondary office space, such as corridors / toilets / storage. In order to implement the heating rules, the old heating thermostats were replaced with a new smart heating system.

The Secretariat is now in the position to control and monitor its temperature and humidity level remotely via internet, or, individually by an app installed into the staff members mobile phones. 

Other resource efficiency measures

  • The Secretariat changed its electricity supplier in December 2020. The new, CO2-free supplier provides electricity generated from 100% renewable sources and is backed up by guarantees of origin.
  • In order to improve its energy efficiency, the Secretariat replaced and installed LED bulbs for its office desk lamps in November 2020. The replacement of office fluorescent tubes with LED is to follow in 2021.
  • The Secretariat in presently checking the possibilities for integration of cooling, lighting, and IT equipment into the integrated smart-office system for optimization of energy consumption.